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陈中华老师2018年7月美国爱荷华州一周讲座视频。 英文。
讲解: 陈中华   片长: 13 分钟   语言:英语   年代: 2018  难度:4/5  地点:美国爱荷华州

Iowa 2018-2 陈中华美国爱荷华州讲座英文
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2nd level, don’t learn it yet. Do you understand? You have…it’s..it’s.. you know it’s like I already told you don’t go to not to go to a bar, that’s 1st level. But 2nd level means your friend says but last time we went to a bar with Master Chen. And there are 3 of them telling you that. And you said, well, in that case, maybe we’ll go.

But you remember never tell Master Chan about it because you heard directly from him not to go. Now you understand? So the 2nd level you must understand that there’s a little bit of doubt, you shouldn’t be too certain about it. Because all the other 3 people who went.. convinced you to go, they were certain, but you were not.

You were fairly certain I told you not to go. So it’s very very important, at the beginning, you understand the learning sequence, the method. And if you are not sure you’re still… you will be confused and confusion will not promote improvements or learning. So together, these three types, we call these theories.

This is… but in Chinese it just means how things work. When you want to understand how things work you look at these. And you can see that each one of them is very clear, you cannot have… we use the word muddiness, but it means unclear. You cannot have unclear. it means although under… you don’t understand what Yin Yang is, but we showed you… here, Yin Yang is like this. this is Yin, this is Yang.

And you might use your own interpretation “you mean this half, that half?” I might not use the word half, I just say this. If this is Yin, this is Yang. And if you said, what if it’s like this? And I might not understand the word top bottom but I’ll say, if this is Yin, this is Yang. It’s not muddy, it’s very clear. And on your body, what happens? Once you understand it, you will know that your body cannot produce that.

The arm is moving. The dorsal is not moving. if it’s like this, it’s not that. So when you actually are doing a form you’ll realize that you are muddy, you are not that clear. Because we’re.. we’re stepping, and as we step, can you see the whole body you… like to do that. But are your stepping or are you turning? If you’re stepping you must step. So the… everything’s clear, a principle is clear, a concept is clear, and a technique is clear.

But now we realize this whole thing is totally upside down in our learning of taiji. Because our life originally was very clear. When you step out, you know where east is, west is. But when you learn Taiji, people tell you, well.. you know, it’s not really like this, it’s not really like that… and than.. you think you feel better, but actually, now you’re confused. So, the Taoist principal is that when you are very very clear, very very Yin Yang separated, you will become very confusing to other people.

Do you know where that confusion will come from? the purpose is that you are clear, your opponent is not clear so they cannot deal with you. it’s every pair of Yin Yang is clear, but you have so many pairs on your body, that your opponent only has two eyes. Cannot really see what… are you doing this or are you doing that? Are you turning or are you stepping? Are you looking at me or are you looking at him? You are doing all of these in separated Yin Yang ways together.

You create more clarity than my clarity can handle. so to my eyes, it’s… everything is… confusing, and so I can never deal with that. I can never replicate it. So like.. as we started Lou was saying, when you touched me, where you touch although you guys cannot see, but where you touched me it’s very clear. It’s very clear to me and very clear to you. Cuz you touched me.

To the eyes and the to the minds of other people, they do not know, they will very likely, especially your hand is like this and I said it’s this dot. and people will say what dot? because you cannot see very clearly, it does not mean it’s not clear. So, any questions regarding this one? Early morning training…session. Because I did not have this set up, so I… I don’t know what it’s called but the wall technique. Oh the wall technique is morning session, well do the early morning. This is early morning? This is… oh this is early morning? (yeah) wasn’t here? (I… I believe, didn’t we talk about two circles in the morning?) (yeah, we did) oh ok. yeah, we can be here. So… the…

In reality, the one that we just described, the separation of Yin and Yang on the contacting point is only a concept based on the principle. But when you translate that into technique it cannot work, because Yin Yang is very clear under this model here, but on your body, to make it functional, I can’t, and you cannot, we cannot allow our body to be cut in half, so that this half goes this way, that half goes that way. We cannot. So the two… the body here, you think that you understand they must go different ways, they really don’t.

Because your hands are free, but your chest, most of your body, this huge trunk, is one piece. The separation will be achieved in many many years, or even after many many years it’s not even achieved. So, What we do is that we change this body into multiple functioning units. So that’s the reality of how to do this. So, you look at your arm here, if your arm is going to go forward… so we use… this one here, from the rear foot, passing here, here, here, all the way, to push forward. So we don’t have to worry about splitting it. Just push forward, make it long.

As you do this here, the job of doing this here is not push, is to stretch. How do you stretch? The method is by fixing your foot and your hand, number 1, number 2 is push all the protrusions down. It creates longer size. So, look here. This is the distance. By pushing this down, it became longer. And this also is here, pushing this down towards this line, it became longer. This here, everything, is even out.

Now, your line becomes a little bit longer. As you do this here, this one here pushes that way, forcing a line this way to this shoulder, we.. because our technique is here, you force it to the shoulder and then sink the shoulder into the elbow, so your foot and elbow can produce the longest line. As this one goes forward, this one… so there’s a little bit of a twist, there’s a line going that way, there’s a line going that way.

On your stomach, there is this here. Or on your Dantian. Can you see, the rear end of the Dantian goes forward. The front end of Dantian goes backward. So, causing 2 lines to cross… So you have this line, and then this is your front foot. It causes a line like this. Maybe it’s actually like this. And this one is like this.

And this Dantian is a gearbox, it has this here, and it has this here. Very bad drawing, but whoever is good at graphic art, you can either draw it on paper or you draw it with a computer system. And while doing that, your dorsal sits right here and your head sits there. And they cannot be involved. So, this move cannot… this move cannot push you back, and this move cannot push you forward.

Can you see everything bypasses you, you are still here. Why are you laughing? (it looks like an octopus) pardon me? (it looks like an octopus) looks like a? (octopus) Oh you mean this one here? See, I told you we’re not humans! Not alien yet, but at least octopus. That’s another species. So this is another… actual way of doing what we’ve talked about. So this is at the concept and theory level. In reality, when you’re wrench on the same track, you can’t really separate. When you separate, the movements are millimeters.

and not really usable. So in the real fight, the movements must be big. To what extent? watch. Lou, watch. This does not move, I’m yanking him in, and I’m pushing him like this. Can you see there’s in and out? So it’s like that. So it has to be a real physical size moving clearly like that. So at the very beginning, it works like that. In the end, the movements are so well trained they become streamlined, they become thinner and more pronounced, more clear. And then it’s like industrial products, you incase them into a cable, there are 2 lines moving inside. And that is perfect. But, you will be functional before being perfect. OK. Do you have any questions regarding this…



不能模糊,就是说,就算你不知道阴阳是什么东西,但我给你看…这个,阴阳就是这样。这是阴,这是阳。你可能有自己的解释”你是说这一半和那一半吗?” 但我可能不用”一半”这个词,我可能说”这个”,如果这个是阴,这个就是阳。你如果问,那如果这样呢? 我可能不懂”上下”但我会跟你讲,如果这个是阴,这个就是阳。不模糊,非常清楚。在你的身上怎样呢?如果你懂这个的话,那你就会知道,你的身上作不出这个来。


但你学太极的时候有人会跟你讲,这事其实不是这样,那事也不是那样,你听了觉得不错,这你就糊了。所以道家的原则就是,当你非常非常清楚的时候,非常非常阴阳分明的时候,你就会让人非常迷惑。你知道这迷惑哪来的吗? 目的就是你很清楚,对手很迷惑,所以他不知道怎么对付你。这迷惑是因为,每组阴阳都非常分明,但你身上有太多组阴阳,你的对手只有两只睛,他看不清楚,你在做这个还是在作那个?

你在转还是在跨步?你在看我还是在看他? 你在用分阴阳的方式同时在作所有的事,你分出太多的阴阳,超出了我的掌握能力,所以让我非常迷惑。所以我无法对付你,也没办法复制。所以就像一开始Lou说的,你碰到我的时候,你碰到我的地方虽然你们都看不到,但你碰我的地方很清楚,我很清楚,你也很清楚,因为是你碰我的。别人的睛和心里不知道,尤其如果你手是这样的话。然后我说是这一点,大家都想”哪一点?”,因为你们都看不清楚。但不表示这不清楚。你们有什么问题吗?





你为什么在笑? (看起来像章鱼)看起来像?(章鱼)喔你说这个?你看,我就说我们不是人类吧。还不是外星人,但至少是章鱼,是不同的生物。所以这是…实际上作到我们刚刚说的那些的方法。这个是在概念和理论的层次,实际上当你堵在同一条轨道上的时候,你没办法真的分开。当你开的时候,那动作只有几毫米,没什么用。在实战的时候动作需要大,大到什么程度?看,Lou,看,这不动,我这里扯他进来,然后这样把他推出去,你看到有进有出了吗?是这样的。需要这样真的,有实质大小的,清楚的运动。一开始需要这样,到最后这些动作练得很好,变得很流畅,变得很细,很明确清晰,然后就变成像是工业化的产品,在包着的电缆里有两条线在跑,这就完美了。但在达到完美之前,就会有用了,好,你们有什么问题吗?



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  1. 2020年7月7日星期二上午8:30 (中国时间),何家伟教练带领我们来学习《Iowa 2018-2 陈中华美国爱荷华州讲座英文》这个视频。在跟着的几课,何教练也会详解不同的英文视频,希望能帮助大家提升英文听读能力水平。

    在这英文视频中,陈老师谈到了太极三位一体:原则,概念和技术。 他用《六封四闭》演示了一个技术如何反映概念。 从理论上谈分开,必须将某物切成两半,如何在不拉开四肢的情况下仍能分阴阳呢?


  2. 0:25 Master Chen talked about first level of transmission and second level of transmission. First level means that you directly receive the information. Second level is that you receive the information indirectly through another person or group of people who supposingly have received the information directly or through first hand experience. When we get the 2nd level of information, we should always have a little doubt about it.

    0:25 陈老师谈到了第一级传承和第二级传承。 第一级意味着您直接获得信息。 第二级是从另一个人或一群人间接接收信息。那一个人或一群人是直接获得信息的。 当我们获得第二级信息时,我们应该对此信息抱有一点怀疑的。

  3. 1:40 Principles, Concepts and Techniques help explain how things work (theories). They must be very clear in our mind. For example, if something is yin, then it can simply not be yang at the same time. If we talk about actions in our body, considering the arm and the torso, when the arm is moving, the torso cannot be moving. If we are stepping, we must only step, and don’t turn at the same time.

    1:40 原则、概念和技术属于理论,它们有助解释动作的原理。 它们在我们心中必须非常清楚。 比方说,如果某东西是阴,那么它根本不能同时是阳。 如果我们谈论身体的动作,同时考虑胳膊和躯干,那么当胳膊动时,躯干就不能动。 如果我们要上步,我们就只能动脚,而身体不能同时转。

  4. 4:00 According to daoist principles, we must be very clear (very yin-yang separated). If we are clear, the opponent will become very confused. Where does that cofusion come from? When we have many yin-yang pairs, the opponent does not know what to do with them, because they can’t see clearly themselves. Are you doing this or are you doing that?

    4:00 根据道教原则,我们必须非常清楚(能分阴阳)。an 如果我们清楚,对手将变得非常困惑。 困惑从何而来? 我们有许多对阴阳时,对手会不知所措,因为他们自己看不清。 对手会想我们正在做东还是做西?

  5. 7:50 How to stretch? The method is to lock the two ends (e.g. front hand and rear foot), and then get rid of all the protrusions (e.g. push the shoulder down). In the demonstration, Master Chen showed the left foot to the right hand through the back of the waist, while the right foot to the left elbow through the front of the waist. The two lines intersected and created a rotation at the waist. Back of the dantian went forward while the front of the dantian went backward.

    7:50 如何展? 方法是定住两头(例如前手和后脚),然后除去所有突出来的地方(例如将肩膀向下压)。 在示范中,陈老师将左脚通过腰部对上右手,又将右脚通过腰部对上右肘。 两条线相交使腰部产生旋转丹田的后面往前,而丹田的前面往后。

  6. 10:50 For real, movements must be big, e.g. you pull/yank the opponent with your arms, and kick the opponent at the same time with your feet while the body does not move. In the future with training, the actions will become more precise, such as two cables being pull in opposite directions within a single tube.

    10:50 真实的动作必须很大,比方说,你用胳膊拉对手,并在身体不动的同时用脚踢向对手。 将来随着训练的曾多,动作将变得更加精确,像将两条电缆在单个管中以相反的方向拉动。