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Jojo Juarsa’s Daqingshan Summer Journey 2018


Name / 姓名: Jojo Johari Juarsa (蔡学超)

Age / 年龄: 40

Date of Birth / 出生日期:17 Oct 1977 / 1977 年10月17日

Country of Residence 国家原地·: Jakarta, Indonesia

Contact 联系:+62-8119779119 (Mobile/Whatsapp),


Email 邮件:jojojuarsa@yahoo.com, jojo@umt.co.id

Facebook: jojojuarsa

 My Maiden Trip to Daqingshan 初次到大青山:


Alex Marentek (Indonesia) is my Trainer and he has been encouraging all his students to DQS (Da Qing Shan 大青山) in order to sharpen our skills and most importantly to learn & understand the real essence of Chen Style Practical Method and its Culture.

Alex (亚历克斯) 是我要好的教练,他一向来鼓励我到大青山练拳,也可交往更多的朋友们。

10 months ago, after attended Master Chen Workshop (in Jakarta, Dec 2017), I have taken a serious interest into Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method 陈式太极拳实用拳法.  Furthermore deep inside I have put 100% faith & believe in this methodology.

I have never had any past experience in Internal Martial Arts nor Chen Style Taiji. Since young (back then in Singapore & Australia) I used to train in Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Silat and Eskrima/Balintawak (Filipino Arts).  And as my age has catch up over the years, so does my strength and stamina.

My doctors have advised me to refrain from doing any forms of striking/combative arts as it will worsen the slip discs on my neck and lower back.  During this turning point of my martial arts journey, I am very fortunate to meet Master Chen and introduced into his Practical Method teachings.

起初我是在去年(2017)雅加达的讲座认识陈老师。我从来没学过内家拳,我对陈式太极实用拳法也没接触过。我的确是个新手。我这一生学过各种外家拳(拳击,柔术,印尼席拉武术,菲律宾棍法) 但也未拜过师。但现在我很肯定学陈式太极拳实用拳法是我这下半生的承诺。因为我终于找到我真真想要的拳法。而且我对这拳法有百分百的信心。


This 28thWorkshop in DQS is indeed a fruitful one for me.  There is no other way for me to describe this priceless experience.  You got to be there and feel it yourself!  I spent a total of 9 days on the mountain and never a single moment that I yawned nor felt bored.


I am the second foreign student from Indonesia.  The other foreigner is my Portuguese roommate – Mr Antonio Coelho, he is a cool middle aged man who is all smiles and laughter.

是否我该觉得荣欣还是特殊,因为在这讲座这有两位外国人– 一位来自葡萄牙的安东尼奥先生,和来自印度尼西亚的我。刚巧我和安东尼奥是同房住宿。安东尼奥人很友善,勤劳,我们互相鼓励,每天一起早练晚睡,从不抱怨。

I have to give credit to Trainer Pang Chao Li for his patience in teaching us Yilu (took us 4 long days).  I am very happy to have befriended with so many nice and friendly Trainers (Chen Xu, Han Rui, Ziming, and many more) and fellow friends at the Workshop.

教我一路的是庞教练。他为人友善,客气,教人很有耐心。我也很开心能认识其他的教练们(陈旭韩瑞子明,等等。。。) 和其他的好友们。

Towards the end of the workshop, on one fateful night, there is a mini push hands competition.  And somehow I got picked up to compete on the very 1stRound with a young man (Qiu Ying Dong 邱迎冬) in his early 20s, of around 60kg, barely 5’10”.

At the very beginning, when he stood up to the mat facing me, I was not intimidated by his size.  Because I am of 6 foot tall, nearly 80kg.  During the initial touch hands, I could feel his intense “Peng” energy.



No matter how I tried to shrug him off from all directions, somehow this little guy has a method to neutralise my force.  This is the moment when I knew that in Push Hands it’s not about who is stronger and neither does size matter.  The moment I tried to advance my footwork into his space, somehow he has taken a faster step into me.  One waist twist from him and off I fell onto the ground.  Goodness!  Indeed he is good in executing the correct method at the right timing.


In less than 2 minutes round, he has totally thrashed me down 5 times.  It was a total KO.  And the referee (Trainer Pang Chao Li) ended the match as a result of Total KO.  We both bowed and salute to each other and towards the referee.  I was lucky to escape unhurt from the multiple takedowns.


For the very first time, I admit a shocking defeat by a young man who is of smaller size and shorter than me!  I stepped down from the mat smiling and deep inside me I felt a wakeup call that this is indeed the real Practical Method that I am yearning for.


Brother Qiu is indeed good and I admit my defeat.  After that round, we become good friends.  I gladly welcome him to visit me in Jakarta.

And now I have to be more diligent and train harder to learn the correct methods. So that next time I will be able to withstand the hard thrashing and takedowns from anyone who challenge me, be it he is bigger or smaller.

As a Chinese Descendant, I greatly believe this Ancient words of Wisdom:


(There is no discrimination of styles/techniques in the World of Taiji, hence move in accordance with your heart)  



(May we stand United Globally in this Taiji Family)

As a new member of Indonesia PM Group (under Alex guidance), we are proud to have established an extensive network of training locations in Indonesia (see below Training Classes location).



It is my utmost wish to be a part of this dedicated team to grow and uphold the reputation of Master Chen Zhong Hua and his Chen Style Practical Method in Indonesia and Worldwide.

I am willing to dedicate 10 years of my life (from now till 2028) to train diligently under the mentorship of Alex and other senior trainers (in DQS and Worldwide) in order to be a well-deserved practitioner of Chen Style Practical Method.

I remembered one of my seniors mentioned “Learning Taiji is a Journey, Not a Destination”.  Hence we must develop patience in learning.


I hope my sincere expression serve as a daily motivation for myself and to other like-minded newbie or seasoned practitioners.




Jojo Juarsa (The Apprentice 学徒)

Jakarta, Indonesia.

02 September 2018


Our Extensive network of Training Group all over Indonesia Islands with respective Seniors running the weekly classes.


Future Planning (by 2028) for another small training group in PIK, Gold Coast Apartment.

There will be a Taiji Deck by poolside for training/class purpose.

未来计划,在雅加达北部往海的公寓会开班。会有Alex, 和其他教练(和我当学徒)一起带班。

Alex doing a ‘Fajin’ demo on me.


First time meeting Master Chen at Jakarta Workshop 2017.



和庆文兄合拍在大青山讲座2018 年8月。


Receiving autograph from Master Chen



Initial Hand Contact with Qiu Ying Dong 比赛开始-搭手


My feet in a compromised, unbalanced position
迎冬兄的”真不动” 就把我要攻进的步伐给锁住了!使我失去平衡。



I am up in the Air! Slammed by someone lighter than me! 四脚朝天!果然四两拔千斤!


With my trainer – Pang Chao Li 和庞朝立教练合拍,在讲座的最后一天,刚练完整套一路。


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