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讲解: 陈中华   片长: 10 分钟   语言:英语   年代: 2018  难度:4/5  地点:美国爱荷华州

Iowa 2018-5 陈中华美国爱荷华讲座英文
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Uh, yeah, uh uh, I need you also to talk. Touch me. So this is a push. What does it feel like? Feels like you’re pushing me… forward? So this is a push. Right now, it’s not a push, right? Is a split between this and this. Now you apply it. You see IT’s good, but IT’s not there yet. Not there yet. You’re fighting it. You have the action of stretch, but you have the meaning, the content of a push. Oh, you still did the same. I show you what you did.

You went like this, but you still use the power. But watch, when I rotate from my waist, there’s no power involved. And you’ll feel the power. This… You feel my muscle. So there’s no muscle. Right? All right. Uh, no no no, lock your buttock. That’s it. Go! No! Lock your buttock! Lock it! You did not lock it. Buttock towards me! Go like, no, no, like this! That’s it! Now make your move. Don’t move your buttock. And as you stretch here, push your heel backward. That’s that’s it.

You have to find something there. Okay, otherwise it’s a push. You watch me. Whatever you do, it a push. But when I feel you here, I must have a center that does not move. And whatever the move is in front of me has to be matched by a move backward. If there’s no move backward, you will not rotate. The forward move. You can just back off. But if i’m doing this, watch found it! And then uh, same as that auger dig, hammer it in, and then do this.

Do this, establish the center, move the two ends! The two ends must match. And the matching part is what I can tell you, but you can only get it through experience, because you are we’re all made to be frontal. The real part has never been part of it. You have to, let’s say we’re in front where like this, there’s nothing behind me. I have to use my tail bone to feel this here. The tail bone did not stretch, but um, this facilities this size. Otherwise i’m just going forward.

Go behind me. Touch here. This is normal. See that? Now, but uh uh, IT’s activated. So now twist me up. Watch here. This is a fight. And all these are fight. But now I dropped my kua and you see there is no fight here. That’s a stretch. Every move you have to have that. You see that now watch, go ahead. Um hum, and he’s got me here. So this has to be a fight. You must not be afraid of this here. Drop here.

Can you see it goes back to him there. Every move before it happens, it looks very dangerous. IT’s difficult to learn IT because nobody wants to be putting in that position. And then you are only in a fighting position. Hm. Look, IT’s this position here. At this point. This is a fight, but I fall backward, backward, uh, yeah, so tell everybody what I did. So i’m here, he locked here and he reverse it back to lattice. But I can’t reverse it until I go further out of your control, because this is his control here. And if I fight, I mean, this is locked. So I go out, this looks very dangerous, but once I go out, he cannot control me anymore. Now i’m getting him.
何家伟: 我在这儿,他把这儿合住了,然后翻了回去。
陈老师: 我在脱离你的控制区前是不能翻回去的,因为他能控制这些区域。如果我要和他顶的话,我的意思是,这里是合住的。所以我从里面出来,这样看来很危险,但是一旦我出来了,他就控制不了我了。这时我就得手了。

IT’s very dangerous. That’s why the phoenix has to come has to rise out of the ashes. It means this can never be achieved unless you have been caught. And you have fallen numerous times. The problem is like this morning, people are saying, Master Chen, like where you experiencing the second day of workshop, Pain it’s like all over the body. You must be happy. You don’t have pain that whatever you think it is, i’ve received one hundred times of that. If you have pain, I had one hundred times or more of that pain.

If you feel that you have fallen so many times, you can remember I have fallen so many more times that nobody can remember that. Nobody remembers when I did not fall. But by the time I started teaching in north america, I already fell so many times. If I wanted to, I did not remember how to fall anymore. And every single person must have the experience that. So just to say you are good, we were born to be a fighter. That’s not possible. Why? Because the techniques in going over that threshold, if you have not fully enough times, you are always afraid of that fall.

Okay, so now you understand so everybody. This afternoon, experiences stretch. And what is a stretch? It is a two way move, never against the power. Make it long. Um, here. So resist. see, this is a question. I found a method, this is short, found a method to make it longer and then, see? Longer, then it’s longer. Hold on to that confrontation point. Either go forward to make it long, or go backward to make a long. Once you make it long, you succeed. You don’t have to push the other person over. Create a jam, hold it, make your other parts of the body longer.

So if you are here, can you see we create a jam? And then I have a hard time. So I hold myself for support. I adjust, can you see adjusted now? Can you see I get longer? Did you see that this pushes from here to here? IT’s more vertical. The the energy has to pop because of that angle. But now IT’s not anymore. This time, IT’s like that. IT’s more forty five. Did you see that? You must create a longer thing on your body than your opponent. When he catches me, let’s say here, his push causes my arm to go this way. I have no length at all, only width.

So I have to help hold him and changed back to here. Now it’s longer. And when you do many, many of these, what it will result in? You will result in not pushing, but rotating. So every time can you see you rotate not like this anymore. Whatever it is, you rotate, it becomes longer. Okay?


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